A Brief History of Chyrp Lite

The story of Chyrp began in 2004 when Alex Suraci got fed up with bulky and complex blogging engines. Alex decided to start developing his own solution. Initially the project he founded was called MCMS (mynimal CMS); then Mynimalistic; then Lingua; and finally it became known as Chyrp.

The project attracted an enthusiastic community of users over the next several years, but by 2009 development progress had come to a halt. In May 2010 Alex publicly announced Chyrp's death to the community. Chyrp was dormant for a short while, until Arian Xhezairi volunteered to revive it.

In November 2010 Arian became the lead developer of Chyrp with Alex's blessing and he restarted development. However by 2014 development progress had faltered once more. A contributor to Chyrp, Daniel Pimley (that's me!) decided to fork and continue the project.

My intention was to emphasise the efficiency and leanness at the heart of Chyrp, and so I named my project Chyrp Lite. The project is focused on maintaining a simple, reliable, extensible blogging platform that respects web standards and is well suited to a typical shared hosting environment.