Debug and Tester Modes

If you want to develop an extension for Chyrp Lite, you should enable debug mode; this is done by creating a file named DEBUG in the includes directory (v2021.03 or greater required) or setting the constant DEBUG to true at the very top of the file common.php:

define('DEBUG', true);

Debug Mode

Debug mode is intended to ease debugging and testing processes. Debug mode has the following effects on Chyrp Lite's behaviour:

  1. Sets PHP error reporting to E_ALL | E_STRICT.
  2. Sets the Twig environment options debug and strict_variables to true.
  3. Logs information and errors to the file error_log.txt in the install directory.
  4. Reports backtraces when errors are encountered.
  5. Reports Flash notification counts using X-Chyrp-Flash- response headers.