About Permissions

Chyrp Lite has a very fine-grained permissions system that allows you to assign your blog's users to groups and give each group a different set of abilities.


Although a fresh install of Chyrp Lite comes with a group named "Admin", there's really nothing special about this group – the "Admin" group has been created with some permissions (such as "Change Settings") that other groups don't have, but it's possible for you to create more than one group that has some or all of the permissions you might think of as belonging to an administrator.


All visitors to your blog who have not logged in are assigned to the guest group. Chyrp Lite comes with the guest group set to a group named "Guest" that has permission to view the site but nothing more. If you want visitors to be able to do more than just view your site, you can add permissions to your guest group.


As well as the status options of draft, public, private, and scheduled, a post can be set to a status that makes it visible only to a specific group of users. When writing or editing a post, the status selector will list all your currently configured user groups as options for your target audience.

What about modules?

Modules have no way to tell which groups of users you've created that you want to be treated as administrators, so when a module adds some new permissions you must grant those permissions manually to the groups that need them. A module that adds permissions will usually remind you to update the permission settings for each group when it is enabled.

If you enable a module and don't see the additional features you expected, the first troubleshooting step is to check if there are new permissions to be granted to your groups. For example, enabling the Comments module adds several new permissions, some of which you probably want many of your visitors to have ("Add Comment", "Edit Own Comments") and some you want only a trusted few to have ("Edit Comments", "Delete Comments").

Default permissions set

Here is the default set of permissions.